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Orchids Cultivation




Flower qualities of Phalaenopsis and environmental factors


Chiachung Chen,

Biosystems Engineering Laboratory

National ChungHsing University



        Environmental factors in greenhouse had a significant effect on the flower quality of Phalaenopsis. Each variety has its adequate environmental factors, such as light quantity, day temperature and night temperature. The effects of the environmental factors on the flower quality are introduced as follows:

A. Stem length

        If the temperature difference between day and night at spiking stage is increase, the stem length is lengthened. If the temperature difference is decrease, the stem length is shortened. In Japan, the orchids markets prefer to pretty long stem for big-white Phalaenopsis, the day and night temperature is set at 26 and 18. In the Netherland, shorter stem can make the whole orchids being shorter, the setting temperature for day and night is 20 and 18.

Light quantity is an important factor for the stem quality. If the light quantity is too low, the stem will soften.

B. The position of the bud at the stem

        If the day temperature is too high, the position of the first bud will be higher and the intervals of buds are decreased. The lower light intensity enhances the height of the first bud.

C. Numbers of branch

        The influence factor on the branch number is day temperature. If the day temperature is too high, the branch numbers will decrease. Reducing the day temperature could enhance the branch number.

D. Flower size

        The domain factor of flower size is day temperature. Higher day temperature reduces the flower size. Lower day temperature could make larger size of flowers.

E. Flower number

        The domain factor for flower number is the night temperature. If the night temperature is too high, the flower number will decrease. Conversely, lower night temperature increases the flower number.


        The above information could be used to modify the quality of orchids flower. For example, if customers like to purchase Phalaenopsis with more flower numbers and do not care about the flower size in 9cm pot. The day temperature could increase 1-2 and night temperature could decrease 1-2 in the greenhouse at flowering stage.